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Success Stories

A decade of experience in life coaching

Recognized as the influencing driving force behind the success of

several change-makers and entrepreneurial-minded professionals.

“Zacky coached and shaped me into being a better person. He certainly is the best person to go for life coaching. He is sincere, result-driven, and is one of the most non-judgmental professionals I have ever met. Despite his busy schedule, he was accessible especially when I needed perspective. Trust me, I needed his coaching a lot! Zacky’s concise coaching and belief in me even when I was not sure what I was doing professionally got aligned fast. Thankfully, I was coached to change my career path, and now growing in it. I love my new job so much. I am sincerely grateful for all of Zacky’s life coaching skills used on me. He has evolved beyond a coach and is now a mentor to me.”



Jennifer Leitner

Senior Marketing Professional

United Shores Real Estate

Zackys’ encouragement motivated me to look into being a Life Coach. Since I have stayed the course! In fact, in the last year, I applied, went through their in-house Coach Academy/training, and joined Robbins Research International as a Tony Robbins Results Coach.  I'm loving it so far and being fulfilled by making a difference in people's lives.  I am so grateful to him for identifying the spark in me and giving me sincere guidance. He is indeed a great transformation coach!


Damilare Adeyeri

Results Coach and Trainer

Anthony Robbins Companies

"You are an amazing Life Coach with multiple

skills and a pleasant personality. He possesses

the ultimate positive mindset and no matter

what the context, he always carries a smile. I was able to excel in efficiency and productivity, owing mostly to Zackys’ diligent coaching. I adopted his motto into my life, “looking at any challenge as

an opportunity to grow. Overcoming an obstacle

is an achievement and a victory”. His thorough coaching changed my life. I was groomed to understand the purpose of my professional life, and career progression/transition, and increase my



As a young professional, he impressed me with

the importance of the “can-do approach”. Zacky guided me to become an effective team member and later a result-oriented leader influencing my team members to excel.  His timely coaching and continued encouragement have never left my mindset. I proudly say that at every key obstacle,

I remember his life coaching. Despite many challenges, I overcame them and achieved excellence. I became a Leading Lawyer.


I am truly grateful to Zacky, who was my Life Coach and a wonderful gentleman."


Migara Liyanage

Attorney at Law

Decathlon International & SL Supreme Court

"I knew you would be the right person to speak to on my life challenges! After going through the coaching process with you, I have gained confidence and now I can work through my issues relating to career transition, overcoming stress, and continuing with a positive mindset. Zacky, I will forever be grateful for all the coaching and guidance you have given me."


Shaaru Shekar


Lime Blue Solutions

"Very simply said, we need more coaches of Zackys' caliber, especially in this challenging and rigorous world of business. As an excellent coach to me, he demonstrated that one can achieve the toughest corporate objectives by being creative, fair, inspirational, team-oriented, sincere, focussed, result-oriented, and technology savvy. He has experience in producing results at a world-c. n.lass level. Additionally, he coached me to be composed, approachable, and able to solve challenging problems in a multi-stakeholder environment. Zacky has the skills and values of a great coach."


Muzakir Nadim

Regional IT Manager

John Keells IT

"Zacky, you have been an excellent coach and inspiration to me at the very early stage of my career. You continued your professional coaching relationship to encourage me in different stages of my life. Thank you for being a fine coach!"


Mohamed Inshaf


Pebbles Academy

"I had a solid personal coaching experience with you which helped me to boost my career. Despite your busy schedule, you made time for all your clients, in particular those of us who were struggling the most. You always maintained a positive vibe. In addition to putting me on track on the road to success, you coached me on being calm and polite even in the midst of the most challenging scenarios as well. You are a true humanitarian. The world needs more coaches like you who guide and motivate individuals like me to climb up the professional ladder."


Anjalin Balalingam

Project Officer

World Vision

"You certainly were a life coach to me. I became the professional I am today, because of all the concise and timely coaching you have given me.

In particular, I gained clarity on my purpose, improved my self-confidence, and career transition/progression, became a better leader, overcame stress, achieved a positive mindset, and got to work-life balance. Zacky, you are an amazing life coach!"


Tara Iddamalgoda

Project and Data Manager

Care International

"Life coaching is something you are natural at. Zacky, I have always turned to you for coaching and guidance. Besides your formal credentials in psychology and coaching, your life experience and personality seem to be drawn towards coaching."



Lara Perera

Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting Manager


"Zacky, coaching is in your blood. You will be

a star!"


Ruthie Pelpola

Operations Manager


"He has coached me on career transition/progression and improved my leadership skills, self-confidence, and

work-life balance. It was during periods of

the self-realization coaching process, I was

able to understand and identify my strengths

and development areas. This has contributed to

further building myself. I appreciate his patience throughout the process. Zacky is indeed a respected professional for his integrity. It was a great experience getting coached by him."


Geetha Fernando

Administration & HR Associate


"Zacky, coaching by default is in your mind-set

and soul!"


Ifthikar Alam

Senior Administration and Finance Associate


"Zacky was the best personal coach I’ve had in my 16-year career. He maintains a high level of professionalism, principles, and concern. He is well-versed in work-life balance as well. Benefiting from his wealth of global and diverse coaching experience and skills, I was able to shape my personal and professional growth. Also seamlessly undertake new roles. He is an excellent coach with empathy."


Angeline Vijayakumar

Quality Assurance Associate


“You are gifted and great at life coaching. It was a wonderful experience going through the process with you. It has helped me to become a better and fulfilled person in life. Your coaching enlightened me so much. Zacky, I learned to maximize results with people by being compassionate, kind, and understanding. Working with my existing and new teams in this manner was a hundred percent effective. You also taught me how to overcome stress and focus on work-life balance. I am grateful for all your great coaching and the positive impact it has had in my life.”


Ann Silva



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